Ultrasound and Echo Maintenance

Ultrasound and Echo Maintenance

Medical Ultrasound Maintenance

The Importance of Proper Care

No matter how high quality a piece of equipment is, it will have to be properly maintained in order to keep it functional for its full lifespan. Gale Medical offers a specialized Maintenance service capable of servicing all major manufacturers’ brands at very affordable rates. Anything we sell, we can repair and maintain for less than you will find at other medical equipment companies. Other companies just don’t have the extensive experience and focus on performance that is found at Gale Medical.

Medical ultrasound equipment, Holter monitors, dopplers, and monitors are all major investments for medical practices. The staff has to be happy with its functionality and confident that the machines are reliable and producing accurate results. Their level of comfort with this important technology will directly translate into overall patient satisfaction.

If Your Machines Don’t Function, Your Business Won’t Either

No patient likes to hear the words “the machine is down.” Don’t let that happen at your facility. Enjoy maximized patient care when your medical equipment has been maintained by the same company that installed it: Gale Medical. We have years of experience in the repair and maintenance of all the major brands and can help you avoid the hassle of rescheduling patients due to equipment malfunction. Now that insurance reimbursements are being weighed on the patient satisfaction quotient, there is a lot of pressure to perform. Properly maintained machines result in happy patients, and a happy bottom line for the medical practice.

And after such a big decision like a medical equipment purchase is made, the cost must be factored in as well. Medical equipment is quite a significant investment. This combination of heavy investment plus staff and patient satisfaction makes it even more important to take excellent care of the product you own. That’s why Gale Medical recommends Preventative Maintenance Contracts to ensure your equipment remains functional and accurate.

Maintenance Technicians You Can Trust

By placing the maintenance of the equipment in Gale Medical’s care, it can be ensured that nothing will fall by the wayside. An excellent office manager at a medical practice knows the truth: it’s best to delegate that in which you do not excel. Shift the burden of maintenance to the best company in the business and enjoy that this area will be managed professionally and in a timely manner. Let us handle the reminders for servicing and get the job done without interfering with the practice’s usual schedule. Your convenience is a priority – let us worry about the details.

Of course, equipment may malfunction even with proper prevention and attention, but we can minimize the upset it causes a medical practice. Gale Medical provides Time and Material Services at fixed rates that won’t blow an unexpected hole in the emergency budget. We believe that the customer should know who they’re paying, what they’re paying for, and when problems will be resolved. And we want them to know it ahead of time. As a top name in our field, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our repair and its price.

Contact Us About Your Maintenance Needs Today

It’s easy to get in contact with our helpful representatives. Simply go to the Service and Repairs page on our website. Fill in as much information as possible, and we’ll respond promptly to let you know what part may be needed and when we’re coming to help. Consider the problem over the minute you submit a request! Gale Medical is the ideal source for professional repair on a budget.