Siemens Sonoline G40

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Product Description

The new SONOLINE G40™ ultrasound system offers you the benefits of Siemens core technology migration, for an entirely new level of diagnostic performance, workflow efficiency and long-term value. This ultra-portable system provides a comprehensive range of features, including Hanafy Lens transducer technology, high-sensitivity color Doppler and Virtual Format Imaging, bringing more clinical capabilities within reach for practices and clinics of every size and caseload. As a result, the G40 system sets a new standard of performance and diagnostic confidence in the world of compact, mobile color Doppler ultrasound systems.


Color Doppler is on the move

The intelligent, intuitive design of the ultra-portable G40 system means that its leading performance capabilities go wherever the need is––offering comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound exams to more patients in less time, in all clinical environments.


The clinical capabilities go farther

The G40 system uniquely fulfills the growing need for a highly ergonomic, performance-driven, mobile color Doppler ultrasound system. Just as important, the open architecture of the G40 system enables easy integration of new, advanced capabilities as your needs and requirements change, ensuring the integrity of your investment from day one. When it comes to value and performance, the G40 system is in a class by itself.


The unique Siemens customer care solution

The G40 system offers a wide range of clinical capabilities that promote a higher level of performance and diagnostic confidence. Life, our customer care solution, ensures the integrity of your investment and protects against obsolescence with a continuous upgrade path through the Evolve program.

Our flexible service plans offer a wide range of UPTIME Services, from preventive maintenance to full service coverage to biomed partnership programs; continuous software updates and upgrades; transducer protection; workflow improvements; clinical and applications training; and access to networked customer communities.


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