Schiller SP-1-190×190

Schiller Spirovit SP-1

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Product Description

A BEST VALUE PACKAGE! Spirovit SP-1 Standard Spirometer, includes

Memory, MVV and standard accessories; Comes with SP-150 sensor (DTC)

and Calibration Syringe. Thermal Printer is Built -In!

Simply breathtaking!

The SPIROVIT SP-1 is a unique solution to simplify complex lung function testing. The high resolution user-friendly screen displays real-time flow/volume loops and detailed measurement matrices.The data can be either printed within seconds or transmitted to a PC.


  • For spirometry, FVC, SVC, MV and MVV measurement
  • Integrated program for pre/post comparison
  • Meets ATS/ERS standards
  • High-quality accessories for maximum precision, e.g. SCHILLER sensors SP-20 or SP-150 that are absolutely insensitive to humidity


  • Memory for up to 50 tests


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