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Schiller PC Based Spirometry

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A BEST VALUE PACKAGE! PC Spirometry Kit with SP-250 Sensor, USB

Version: Includes PC Software CD, SP-250 USB Sensor, One Pack of

Disposable Flow Sensors (10-pk), Operating Manual and Accessories. Can be

used as a stand-alone PC Spirometry system or in conjunction with the AT-104

PC ECG system. Calibration Syringe Included! Note: Computer Not Included!!

PC Spirometry
Stand-alone or with diagnostic system

Quick and easy lung function measurements without additional  requirements for your trained staff – saving time and money. With  sophisticated measuring sequences and a clearly arranged screen,  LF8 ensures smooth working. Clear instructions on patient guidance ensure continuously high quality of measurements  for cooperation-dependent measuring methods. Our Windows-based program can be  used either as a stand-alone PC spirometry system on a laptop or in  combination with the CARDIOVIT AT-104 PC diagnostic system.


  • High-quality accessories for maximum precision, e.g. SCHILLER sensors SP-250 or SP-260 with USB interface that are absolutely insensitive to humidity.
  • Efficient assisting programs to monitor important cooperation criteria.
  • Large assisting pictures for an accurate control of the breathing manoeuvre for optimal patient motivation.
  • Intelligent animation graphics for children and adults during monitoring of important measuring parameters.
  • Graphic insertion of patient-specific predicted value ranges to estimate the patient cooperation.
  • Large-sized online on-screen display of the measurements – essential for quick work and correct judgement of breathing manoeuvres.
  • Pre/post comparisons of any measurement.
  • Integrated program for pre/post comparisons, bronchospasmolysis tests and provocations.


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