MindRay DC-T6 Advanced Ultrasound System

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Mindray DC-T6 Advanced Ultrasond System:
Advanced Configuration: 15-inch LCD monitor,  B Mode / M Mode/Pulse wave Doppler & HPRF/Color / Color M / Power/ Directional Power Doppler flow imaging/Frequency compounding imaging/Phased – Shift tissue harmonic imaging, iZoom full screen image enlargement, iClear adaptive speckle reduction for 2D image, iBeam spatial compounding imaging, iTouch intelligent one-button image optimization, iStation patient information management with 320 GB hard drive, PW / CW auto trace & calculation, DVD-R/W and USB ports, Shared Service Application: Including ABD/OB/GYN/CARDIAC/SMP/URO/PED/PV/NERO software packages, EM Application: Specific report templates for emergency medicine, Smart3D – Freehand 3D Imaging, Support for 4D – Real-time 3D imaging, (Must purchase 4CD4 Volumetric Transducer for 4D imaging), Cardiac Package: Continuous wave Doppler hardware module, Physio Module- Input ECG, and other physiological signals, 3-Lead ECG Cable



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