GE Voluson 730

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Product Description

The Voluson 730 is the world’s first true “4D” ultrasound system, providing true Real Time volume data acquisition. With 16 volume acquisitions per second, this advanced technology enables the moving 3D fetus to be visualized as never before. Interventional procedures including TIPS, cyst aspirations and core biopsies are more confidently performed utilizing Real-Time 4D ultrasound.

The advanced 3D and 4D capabilities of the Voluson 730 include:

* 3D Automatic Acquisition

* Quantitative 3D Multiplanar Display

* True Real-Time Volume Imaging “4D”

The Voluson 730 also offers an integrated digital, DICOM information data management system for review and distribution of image data.

The digital platform of the Voluson730 is designed to easily expand current applications in 2D, 3D and future applications as well.

The Voluson 730 has established the new standard in diagnostic ultrasound, Real-Time Volume Imaging.


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