Our Ultrasound Expertise

Gale Medical has nearly 30 years of experience providing sales and services for most ultrasound equipment on the market today. Our expertise in selling, maintaining, and repairing medical ultrasound equipment results in high customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Our seasoned sales team can provide expert consultations to help find the right ultrasound equipment for your medical facility based on your technical and budgetary needs. We are unbiased and will give you an expert opinion on which equipment best suits your business’s needs. Because we offer new and used equipment from many manufacturers, we are able to customize a solution that will make your medical facility – and your bank account – very happy. We always answer your questions with honesty and ensure you have the best experience possible when purchasing your next ultrasound.

Our expert service technicians have years of experience working with medical ultrasound equipment, and are able to educate and train your staff on the proper use of your ultrasound machines as well as to maintain and repair your equipment whenever necessary. We have worked with many types of ultrasound equipment made by many different manufacturers, and have the combined know-how to exceed your expectations throughout the maintenance and repair process. We understand that every business is busy and any interruption in equipment function can be a big inconvenience. We promise to keep your machines properly maintained so they continue to function smoothly or to repair them with the utmost efficiency, to make your workdays as hassle-free as possible.

Our Customers

Our ultrasound expertise has been recognized across the country, resulting in many satisfied customers, and countless well-served patients. We happily serve major clients in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, Maryland, West Virginia, Arizona, and Kentucky, as we continue to expand our business across the nation every day. Just some of our satisfied customers include:

  • Emory University Health System, Atlanta GA
  • Advanced Healthcare for Women, Savannah GA
  • Advanced Cardiology, New Smyrna Beach , FL
  • Northeast Florida Endocrine Associates, Jacksonville , FL
  • Interstate Imaging, Evansville , IN

Give us a call today to find out how our medical ultrasound expertise can benefit your business.