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Medical Ultrasound Financing

Ultimate Solutions with Gale Medical

Gale Medical is a reputable and long-serving diagnostic ultrasound equipment supplier. We are dealers in new and used ultrasound equipment and echo medical systems. We offer all the trusted brands available on the market at a fraction of what other suppliers demand. We also provide maintenance services for ultrasound machines such as probe repairs and sale of spare parts.

Gale Medical is a registered company, which is recognized by the government and health services. We serve a large number of clients, including hospitals, clinics and individual medical practitioners throughout the region. When it comes to providing quality medical ultrasound equipment, our company is practically a household name.

No Interruptions

Our services are optimized to ensure that our clients are served in the shortest possible amount of time because we understand that their time is of great value to them. Our excellent service is geared towards eliminating any interruptions that may occur during our dealings. We will ensure that you spend the least possible amount of time waiting for our reliable staff members to cater to your needs.

Efficient Staff

At Gale Medical, we have diligent and experienced staff members who are expertly trained to ensure efficient and timely delivery of high-quality services to our clients. We have a nationwide network of highly skilled, quality service engineers who are backed by years of training and experience in ultrasound repair and maintenance. They have a deep understanding of the methods used by all leading ultrasound equipment manufacturers and are, therefore, highly capable of handling a wide range of ultrasound equipment.

Better Test Results

Any client who purchases diagnostic ultrasound equipment from Gale Medical or has it repaired here is assured of the most accurate test results when they use their equipment. We take the utmost care with our client’s equipment to ensure that it is not damaged in any way whatsoever. We also offer preventative maintenance contracts to our clients alongside time and material services at very affordable prices.

Better Budgeting

Gale Medical offers some of the most affordable prices for diagnostic ultrasound equipment in the region. If you cannot afford to purchase brand new equipment, we offer pre-used equipment and the option to trade in your existing equipment, putting its value towards buying the machinery that you desire. Our service charges are also affordable to all our customers because we strive to offer very competitive prices for repair and maintenance. We also offer very attractive discounts for equipment purchases that are made in bulk.

Customer Training

Gale Medical also offers equipment application training to our customers. Our technicians are well trained and can teach you how to use medical ultrasound equipment from most respected companies in the region. We also offer DICOM solutions for most ultrasound equipment manufacturers from all over the world.

Customer Care Service

Our company has been in business for several years, and we are backed by hundreds of clients who can bear witness to the fact that we offer the best and most affordable services when it comes to the sale and maintenance of diagnostic ultrasound equipment. Our customer-first policy ensures that when you walk through our doors, you will never leave dissatisfied.

If you are in search of new or used medical ultrasound equipment, or you are in need of a buyer for your equipment, visit Gale Medical. We are the ideal supplier for ultrasound equipment and its servicing, probe repairs, application training, equipment parts, system setup and turnkey equipment in the region. Gale Medical is truly the place to go for all your ultrasound equipment needs.