Our Certifications

Gale Medical is your one-stop shop for new and used ultrasound medical equipment. What sets us apart is our excellent customer services and affordable prices that fit every budget. Check out our certifications below, as well as our customer reviews on dot.med to see what others have to say about Gale Medical.

We Are in the Top 100, Dot.Med Certified Business in the Industry

dotmed100Gale Medical is dot.med certified and has also been featured in the top 100 businesses. Top 100 businesses are selected based on the quality of their 5-star ratings, as well as the number of 5-star reviews.  Click on the dot.med logo to see first hand what our clients have to say about the outstanding service at Gale Medical.

Benefits of doing business with a DOTmed Certified firm:

  • Finally you have recourse in your used equipment transactions.
  • DOTmed Certified firms have signed a Code of Ethics.
  • DOTmed Certified firms agree to Binding Arbitration in the event of a dispute.
  • DOTmed Certified firms have provided three references.

Working with a dot.med certified business, you can rest assured that not only the business offers quality products and outstanding services (based on consumer reviews), but they are also trust-worthy, professional, and have your best interest.

We Are Certified as a Veteran Owned Business

http://www.veteranownedbusiness.com/Gale Medical is certified as a Veteran Owned Business. We are showing support for small businesses across United States that were started by veterans and helping each other grow. Click on the logo to learn more information about the Veteran Owned Business certification.