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Buy and Sell Pre-Used Medical Ultrasound Equipment

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Gale Medical—A Record of Quality Equipment and Service

Our company is a provider of ultrasound and related medical equipment. Not only do we sell new equipment and recycle suitable equipment with remaining years of service, but we service what we sell with parts and wise counsel. Our company engineers and technicians will assess your special equipment needs, suggest appropriate options to meet those needs, assist in set up and training, and maintain a service connection with your company to keep all equipment operating at optimum levels. You will find that we provide ultrasound and related equipment at a fraction of typical costs with all equipment meeting or exceeding your company specifications.

Companies with Equipment Needs—Consignment Options

Discovering Your Options. Our service begins with some basic questions to help us understand your equipment needs. If you are purchasing equipment to outfit a new office or clinic, we recommend appropriate equipment for your facility and for your designated price limitations. When you are simply expanding your services, the process is similar.

Recycling on Consignment. Our consignment options apply when you wish to recycle your older equipment. Many medical facilities seek to upgrade equipment and “trade in” or “sell” equipment being retired. Gale Medical receives this used equipment and applies its value to any new purchase. If the used equipment exceeds the value of new equipment, Gale Medical will resell the recycled items on a consignment basis. For your protection, title for equipment passes from you the equipment trader to Gale Medical. Gale Medical retains title until the equipment is sold. There is a clear paper trail tied to all used equipment that becomes part of the sales record and purchase by the new owner.

Selling Equipment without Purchasing New Equipment. Medical centers and clinics close facilities and have surplus equipment, sometimes residing in a storage room for inventory at some future time. At some point, that surplus equipment must be jettisoned to free up room. Gale Medical will receive this kind of equipment as well on a consignment basis. Again, a clear paper trail will be established as the equipment moves from you the seller to Gale’s sales inventory to the new owner.

Benefits of Consignment

With our consignment option, your unused medical equipment is turned into  cash for your company. If you are trying to conserve cash flow when purchasing new equipment, the consignment option allows you to tap the value of trade-in equipment to be applied to purchase of that new equipment. The paper trail established by Gale Medical minimizes your company liability by establishing a clear track record for equipment ownership and responsibility. This option permits us to serve you and your equipment needs by giving you access to your equipment’s cash value to assist in your purchase of new equipment.

A Product Line That Covers the Ultrasound Field

Our company represents names familiar to clinicians and technicians using ultrasound and similar equipment. We offer technical support and service on medical equipment from 34 equipment providers. If you are finding repairs are becoming more frequent as your equipment ages, we can still serve you for many years. Or, we can discuss your options for upgrading with new or used equipment and placing your older equipment in our consignment inventory.

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